The relationship between a law enforcement agency and the citizens it serves is often tumultuous. Although citizen complaints are frequently based upon misunderstandings of the law or Police Department policy, they are of great concern and can lead to a mistrust of law enforcement if not investigated or explained. The New Port Richey Police Department encourages citizens to report misconduct; however, it also expects that citizens will not file frivolous or false complaints against its employees. State Statute 112.532 prohibits the intentional filing of false complaints against law enforcement officers, and prevents people from lying under oath.

Reporting Procedure

The complaint procedure and disciplinary process not only subjects the employee to corrective action following any improper conduct, it also protects the employee from criticism when they properly discharge their duty. Complaints should begin with the employee's supervisor; however, if the violation is believed to be egregious, you may make the complaint in person at the New Port Richey Police Department during business hours. You will be asked to complete a written complaint form which will then be reviewed by the administration.