Communications employs 10 dispatchers, all of whom function as calltakers, dispatchers and teletype operators at the same time.

Dispatchers are responsible for answering 911 calls and dispatching the appropriate police or fire units to the scene.

When you call police or 911 for assistance, especially in an emergency, you may feel dismay at all the questions you are asked. Trust that help is responding, and the dispatcher is trying to gather as much information as possible to help the unit that is responding. The information gathered is relayed to the responder while you are still on the phone, in most instances. Your cooperation in answering to these questions may be the factor that allows the police to apprehend the suspect before they even arrive to your location. The answers you give us may help the fire department decide what type and how many units need to respond, or what route they should take. Suspect and vehicle descriptions and directions of travel could be of utmost importance. Information on weapons, or in the case of an accident, which lanes of traffic are blocked, would be very helpful to fire and police personnel in planning their arrival.